Faculty can be such a great resource for students, yet there is a huge disconnect between students and faculty on many college campuses. Active Minds @ Mines is trying to close that gap.

We approached our Mines faculty to see how we could help them to help students. What we learned, is that many faculty want to help students, but the students either aren’t seeking help from them or don’t know how to approach them. This is what we’ve set out to change with our program.

What is the program?

It is an informative, skit-based program given to all incoming students during fall orientation. The goal is to help them understand that their professors are here to support them and can be a resource for them. We show them how to respectfully approach and communicate with their professors to help reduce the intimidation stigma many professors inherently face.

Is that all?

In addition to improving students’ comfortability with approaching their professors we are also helping professors to feel more confident in their ability to support the students who come to them. This is why we offer various training classes for faculty such as active listening, QPR, QPR refresher, and Mental Health First Aid (see our Training Page for more information). We also make sure to provide faculty with the resources available on campus whom they can refer the students to. This two-pronged effort has shown to help close the disconnect between students and faculty and “unlock” another resource for students to utilize on campus.

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