Active Minds @ Mines has had many programs over the years to raise awareness on various mental health issues and the resources available. Our current focus is on suicide awareness and prevention.

Use the links below to check out some of our signature programs!

We give this program as a part of the new student orientation to help students feel comfortable approaching their professors and doing so respectfully.

Green ribbons show support for mental illness. We hand them out in October during Mental Illness Awareness Week. Positive notes are a great way to brighten someone’s day. We post positive notes all over campus during midterms and finals.

All of us can be advocates for mental health awareness. Our boot camp helps you develop and hone those skills and gives you tips and guidance along the way.

1 in 4 college students struggle with mental health issues. Too many of them think they have to struggle alone. Our fair helps show them that no one is alone and the Mines community is here to help and support them.

The award winning suicide awareness display from our national organization is about raising awareness around suicide and breaking the stigma around it.